Asset Renewals and Refurbishment

LMDB has made provision for approximately £505,150 of asset renewal and refurbishment works this year. Major schemes include:

Mablethorpe Town Lane Drain

The Board has been successful in securing Flood Defence Grant in Aid for the refurbishment of a 400 metre length of brick arch culvert underneath Mablethorpe High Street and Quebec Road . Work commenced in March and should be completed by the end of May 2014.

Pumping Stations

A preventative maintenance approach is taken by the Board on all its major assets to ensure their reliability. This year work will be undertaken at six of the Board’s 30 pumping stations.

However, there is always a risk of unforeseen breakdowns occurring and the Board must respond rapidly and effectively to such unforeseen circumstances, returning its systems to a normal level of service as soon as possible and thus reducing any adverse effects to the local population, properties, land and local infrastructure. A Pumping Station Emergency Repairs budget is available to fund these works.

CCTV Inspections

CCTV inspections and de-silting works are carried out on culverted (piped) watercourses periodically within a rolling programme to ensure that they are in good condition and to identify any works that may be necessary to return them to the correct operational condition. A risk based approach is taken to prioritise work.

Between the months of June and October 2014, the Board will undertake CCTV surveys on a number of strategic culverts, most of which are in the Mablethorpe, Sutton-on-Sea and Trusthorpe area.

Works - Asset Renewals and Refurbishment

River Steeping Enhanced Maintenance

During 2012, discussions with the Environment Agency and District and County Councillors established a need for enhanced maintenance works on the Environment Agency maintained River Steeping. In particular, the need for improved access for annual weed clearance and the need to remove significant accumulations of deposited silt to restore channel conveyance.

A partnership approach to addressing these issues was agreed and the Board has made provision for a contribution of £50K per annum for up to five years to part fund the works.

It is hoped that partnership funding will enable this work to go ahead beyond that achievable with the Board’s contributions.

Trusthorpe Middle Drain Culvert Improvements

Due to access for the Board’s machinery being restricted by caravan sites on both sides of the watercourse, a 225 metre section of Trusthorpe Middle Drain will be culverted.

Pumping Station Resilience

The Board continues to review and improve resilience of its assets and whilst the most vulnerable stations have had equipment raised and physical barriers fabricated, resilience is a continuous improvement process applying new lessons, such as those learnt from the tidal surge in 2013, and in light of new environmental information such as the IPCC 2014 document on climate change.

Works - Asset Renewals and Refurbishment

Emergency Drain Repairs

The Board must respond rapidly and effectively to unforeseen circumstances such as bank slips and culvert collapse. This ensures a return to the original design as soon as possible and thus reduces any potential adverse effects to property and agricultural land. The emergency drain repair budget allows for these works to be carried out, should the need arise.

During the very wet year of 2012/2013 the Board expended approximately £90,000 on emergency repairs. These were mainly bank slippages which were repaired by either culverting or piling.

After the tidal surge in December 2013, the Board incurred costs of around £85,000 in repairing flood damage to its systems.

Telemetry Upgrade

The telemetry system alerts staff to any problems at their pumping stations and allows water levels to be controlled remotely. It is invaluable during heavy rainfall or flood events where the Board has teams out on the ground 24/7. Upgrades and improvements will be undertaken at various stations this year.

Eel Strategy Investigations

The “Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009” require screening at all high priority sites such as pumping stations and sluices by the 1st January 2015. Having undertaken a prioritisation programme, the Environment Agency has identified eight of the Board’s pumping stations as High Priority for compliance with these regulations. The programme is:

  • Investigations 2014/15 – £5,000 per Pumping Station
  • Design 2015/16 – £20,000 per Pumping Station
  • Implementation 2016/17 £150,000- per Pumping Station

Funding for the investigation stage is being provided and applications for 100% funding of the design and implementation phases have been included in the Board’s Medium Term Plan for Government Flood Defence Grant in Aid.